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What Happens When You Crowd-Source a Porsche

This article was really about how much the internet has changed so much in the last years. Getting people to design a car over facebook was a good and unique idea. It shows what people can do when you put your minds together. This car is very beautiful and well made. Read the
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The Man Tan – All Natural or Bust?

A vitamin D craze is sweeping the nation and suddenly it’s cool to be in the sun again, sporting natural tans. But what about guys that aren’t rich or fortunate enough to live in a tropical climate all year round? Sure, the world is getting hotter, but that doesn’t mean everyone
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How to Show Up Late with a ton of Man Style

Evaluate First of all, a guy needs to step back for a few minutes take a sobering look at his role. Whether it’s work or a wedding, being late is going to have situational and relative differences. These variances should dictate all the other tips that follow this one, including
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10 of the Worst Pick Up Lines in the History of Man

  There are battle hardened soldiers who find it hard to drum up enough courage to approach a foxy lady. It’s not an easy thing to do, and no matter what a guy looks like, it’s similar to Russian roulette. What’s the deal? If only there were magic words a man could speak and
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Real Man Food: A Brief Party Snacking Guide

The typical guy on sitcoms and television commercials isn’t necessarily what a real man looks like, is it? Is a real man these days a bumbling moron who is 40 pounds overweight and wants to stuff himself with beer and incredibly fattening food during get-togethers and parties?
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Conan O’Brien’s Interview of Joe Galliano’s On His Brother’s Fashion Comeback

From fame to shame? Is John Galliano set for a return even after those famous anti-Semitic remarks in 2011? It seems that even the Anti-Defamation League wants to give the former Dior magnate another chance. Conan O’Brien tried to get a hold of the Dior once upon a king to get
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